Love You More by Jennifer Grant

"Love You More..." tells a story of a mother's journey through adoption. And though there are many ups and downs in her retelling, she shares an honest depiction of the process of adoption, from beginning to end.
Ms. Grant's world seemed quite full at the beginning of her marriage, yet she put those things aside to have several children, and one more to boot.  Her experiences in life are quite a contrast to what usual motherhood brings.  She's traveled extensively and is well educated.  She does not seem bogged down with the mundane, as most Mommy's are.  Because of this was a real gap for me in relating to her.  I believe we come from different sociological backgrounds.  That aside, I would recommend this book to anyone who is considering adoption.
The book is interesting and watching the process of adoption is rewarding.  Ms. Grant is very humorous and the book was very entertaining.
Ms. Grant successfully relates that adoption is a commitment of mind and of choice.

My thanks to Thomas Nelson publishers for a copy of this book to review.


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