Jesus: The One and Only by Beth Moore

Beth Moore delves into the book of Luke and the trip is amazing.  She brings Jesus to life so vividly, I felt as though I were walking and ministering with him.  She brought to light things that I had never thought about.  Movies paint Jesus as some mealy mouth, weak person.  But He wasn't.  He was a carpenter; He was strong.  People were drawn to Him, wherever He went.  Yet, He was human in every way.  He struggled against His flesh, yet there is never a question that He is God.  When He was in the garden, before His crucifixion, I felt that I was there too, watching Him sweat nearly to death, feeling His heart race; and He bore it alone, for even His disciples could not keep watch.  And when He was on the cross, I felt His unbearable heartache as He was separated from His Father. 

Beth Moore has always been a wonderful teacher, author and speaker, and this book does not disappoint.


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