Unplanned by Abby Johnson

Unplanned is the amazing story of Abby Johnson.  While in college, she is recruited as a volunteer at Planned Parenthood.  Since she has a genuine servant's heart, she believes she is helping women.  Through the many years at Planned Parenthood, she eventually moved into management.  Then, when Abby watches and assists with an abortion, she realizes that she has been deceived for years into thinking she's helping women.  She discovers that she's been participating in the murder of babies.  She struggles with this knowledge, especially because she had two abortions herself.  Abby finds grace and forgiveness in Christ, and becomes a staunch advocate for life.
I was impressed with Abby's honesty.  She is a person, like us all, who has made horrible mistakes.  She is also a person who understands what God's mercy is.
Wonderful, wonderful story, Abby!
God bless you.


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