The Lost Ark by J.R. Rain

The Lost Ark by [Rain, J.R.]

I listened to the book on Audible.  Now, many people who read the actual book state that there are many grammatical errors;  I'm uncertain if they were reading an advanced readers copy.  The reviews for this book are mixed.

I found the book to be interesting at first.  The premise was good.  Sam Ward is a bar owner in Turkey.  Having watched his girlfriend die while on Mount Ararat, he has had a difficult time leaving her behind.
Because Mount Ararat is believed to be the home to the famous Noah's Ark from Biblical times, many tourist have gone on expeditions to find it.  One such tourist, a professor and his student, disappear on the mountain.  The professor's daughter, Faye Roberts arrives to town and asks for Sam's help.  And thus the adventure begins.

The story is of the same bend as Indiana Jones; there is adventure, there is romance.  The story does seem to drag in the middle, and some of it just isn't logical.  It wasn't the best book I've ever heard/read, but would do on a rainy day.


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