The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid's Tale is a story set sometime in the future, where people have so destroyed the Earth that women and men become infertile, among many other very intriguing things.  The Handmaid's one job is to produce children.  I will not give away too many spoilers.  I first heard of the story from watching a Hulu commercial on the show by the same name.  I always prefer to read the novel before watching it on the big screen.  Also, I simply could not wait week after week to see what would happen.  So I did an Audible buy.  The story is read by Claire Danes who does an amazing job portraying "Ofglen", a handmaid coping with the loss of her family and living in her present circumstances.  You guys, there is so much to say.  If you've read the book, please message me so we can gush about it together.  That aside, the show is very close to the book, except that one of the major characters are portrayed at a different age than in the book.  I will say nothing more except this is a MUST READ.  (I know I say that allot!)
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